Fabian was born and raised in Vienna/Austria where he began the first eight years of his professional career as a dancer for the Vienna State Ballet. From an early age he had a big passion for music and experimenting on a sequencer, however at the time he decided to continue pursuing a career in ballet. He eventually moved to London in 2002 and joined the English National Ballet (ENB). He continues to work there as a First Soloist. It wasn’t until he started to choreograph – as part of ENB’s choreographic workshop – that he picked up music composition again and decided that it would be amazing to create the soundtrack, alongside the choreography, himself. Fabian works using a computer with ‘Ableton Live’ software as his DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and he uses a mix of digital sounds and synthesized and sampled instruments. One of the big advantages of this is being able to instantly edit, move and re-combine material and adjust everything on the spot.

He started to compose original songs, rework some classical pieces and develop new music, while intending to stay as versatile as possible. Not bound by any specific genre, Fabian is exploring minimalism, atmospheric soundscapes and orchestral pieces. The first creations performed on stage were ‘Unbreakable’ in Cape Town, SA and 'Bam!' at ENB's choreographic workshop in 2019 (both Fabian's choreography). Coming from a dance background, Fabian has a good understanding of what is required to help a choreographer develop their steps, and performers understand the music. In June 2022 he was given the opportunity to compose his first piece for orchestra. 'Nefes' was performed live by the English National Ballet Philharmonic as part of the 'Emerging Dancer' event.